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Government issues alert against Congo Virus

This year five persons have been died of the infection of the deadly virus. Moreover, 18 people have been infected by the virus, health experts have confirmed.

Experts fear the Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever will be transported along with cattle across the country during Eidul Azha. The free movement of sacrificial animals in populated areas can spread the Congo Virus, health officials said.

Five persons infected by the virus have lost their lives. There are 18 confirmed and 87 suspected cases of Congo Virus across the country, according to the experts.

The doctors and hospitals have been advised to take precautionary measures and gather comprehensive details while taking blood samples of the suspected Congo Virus patients.

The government officials have also warned that the virus could transfer to people with touching the animals and during their slaughter.

The doctors have been directed to send the blood samples of the suspected patients of Congo virus to the National Institute of Health immediately.

The government and private laboratories could not conduct Congo Virus related tests without proper precautionary measures, health experts said.



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