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Musharraf arrives home from Ziauddin Hospital

According to details, Musharraf, who had been undergoing treatment at Ziauddin hospital in Clifton, left for his home. The former army chief had been receiving treatment for his back pain and had been admitted yesterday.

Musharraf reached his house after the Supreme Court struck down the government’s appeal in his ECL case and said it was the prerogative of the authorities to let Musharraf travel abroad or not. The retired general’s legal counsel Farogh Naseem had said earlier that Musharraf was free to travel outside to receive medical help.

Sources said Musharraf would deliberate on the decision to leave the country after today’s verdict by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Earlier in the day, the Supreme Court upheld the earlier decision of the Sindh High Court in the Musharraf ECL case. The SHC had earlier placed Musharraf’s name in the Exit Control List (ECL) temporarily.

“The government should decide whether or not Musharraf can go abroad,” remarked the court.

The Supreme Court has thrown out the government’s appeal in the case.

Speaking to media personnel, Musharraf’s lawyer Farogh Naseem said:-

“The government misused the name of the Supreme Court to keep Musharraf from traveling abroad for treatment and also visiting his sick mother,” said Naseem.

He also said that the Supreme Court had clarified its stance and also confirmed it with the decision of the Sindh High Court. The Sindh High Court had temporarily ordered Musharraf’s name be placed in the ECL.

“The Sindh High Court had earlier declared Musharraf’s name being placed in the ECL as void. The decision to include his name in the ECL was a temporary one,” he said.

“The government had adopted the stance that Musharraf cannot be allowed to travel abroad since the Supreme Court had ruled against it. However today, the Supreme Court has clarified that it had not issued any such decision or ruling to place Musharraf’s name in the Exit Control List.”

He said that as of today, Musharraf was free to leave the country and that according to the Supreme Court, only the government can monitor Musharraf traveling abroad.

“It has been proved today that justice has been dispensed with equality,” he said.

Musharraf has been ill and was rushed to a private hospital in Karachi a couple of days ago. Pictures of Musharraf undergoing treatment had surfaced online.



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