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It is government’s compulsion to talk us, says Aitzaz

ISLAMABAD: Senator Aitzaz Ahsan has said that seeking cooperation from People’s Party is the government’s compulsion.

PPP’s leader of opposition in Senate in an informal chat with media persons in Islamabad said it is government is forced need to seek cooperation from the opposition, ” everyone knows when the government remember us, ” the party stalwart said.

“Our demands are very clear,” he further said.

Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto had forwarded four demands in a party rally in Karachi on October 16.

Bilawal Bhutto had demanded to pass the Panama Papers Inquiries Bill 2016, re-constitute a parliamentary committee on national security, to implement the resolution on CPEC and appointment of a foreign minister of the country.

The government should accept these demands. “Our basic demand is the opposition’s bill on Panama Papers, which should be accepted,” Aitzaz Ahsan said.

He said if the government accepts the demand, all problems will be resolved, as it is also the demand of Imran Khan. The issue will be settled if the government agrees over passage of the bill.

No exclusive talks held with the government team, he said. “We have forwarded our four demands. A meeting of the joint opposition will also be called if required, he said.

The Panama Papers Inquiries Bill 2016, tabled in the Senate has been opposed by the government calling the legislation as person-centric targeting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.



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