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Governor Ebad orders to expedite work on Lyari Expressway

Expressing displeasure at slow pace of construction during a meeting at the Governor House to oversee  progress at the northern route of the Lyari Expressway, the governor said: No further delay in the completion of the project would be tolerated for it has already exceeded scheduled date.

The meeting was attended by Secretary Local Government, Noor Muhammad Leghari, Commissioner Karachi Syed Asif Hyder Shah, Administrator Karachi Laiq Ahmed, officials of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and National Highways Authority (NHA), and others concerned.

Ishratul Ebad said that ongoing works on the expressway could not be sped up for several years due to the Right of Way issues. He, however, hoped that project would be completed soon for 5.233 km of it was already constructed and only 1.456 km is remaining.

The expressway will help citizens to travel from Mauripur Road to Sohrab Goth without any traffic interruption. This will greatly reduce congestion on roads within the city and help reduce fuel costs.

Ebad ordered to open constructed part of the expressway fro traffic in Ramazan to reduce density on major thoroughfares in the city.

The governor was informed the issue of Right of Way will be resolved by the court in a verdict expected on May 25. The total length of both tracks and ramps was 38.67 km and the work on 81.48 percent of it has been completed.



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