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Govt focusing on provision of quality, affordable healthcare: PM

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of the Global Fund’s executives working in the healthcare sector of different developing countries for eradication of communicable diseases called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad on Thursday.

Executive Director of the Global Fund Peter Sands led the delegation. The delegation, apprising the prime minister about the company’s portfolio and various commitments in the health sector, stated it is investing in the healthcare system of Pakistan, particularly towards eradication of tuberculosis, HIV and malaria.

They also informed about their previous investment in the country for the eradication of TB in Punjab, which included the establishment of 400 diagnostic units. The delegation also discussed the possibility of increasing its funding for various projects up to $300 million in the near future.

Highlighting that a significant number of TB cases remain undetected due to ineffective screening mechanism, the delegation shared proposals related to the on-ground execution plan with National Health Services, Regulation & Coordination Division for effective screening and eradication of TB.

Prime Minister Khan, while welcoming the delegation, said the present government is focusing significantly on the provision of quality and affordable healthcare to all the segments of society.

He said that the company may explore the linking of the proposed detection and eradication of TB initiative with the prevention and control of other diseases including malaria. He added under the “Ehsas” flagship programme, some private hospitals have been empanelled, and the proposed initiative can be shared with these hospitals to address the incidence of TB in Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and South Punjab.



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