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Govt bans sit-ins, political gatherings at D-Chowk

Holding a presser in Islamabad, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told that the government had decided a clearance operation at D-Chowk by 5 pm, but a few respected figures approached it to defuse tensions.

Those figures played their part in resolving the crisis after talks with government officials, he added.

The minister lamented that a few elements have changed the D-Chowk into a venue for public gatherings and protests. He announced that no political or religious group will be allowed to hold a gathering or stage a sit-in at D-Chowk.

He castigated that whoever wants takes the government/state hostage by staging such protests in capital’s Red Zone, but the practice will be put to an end now, adding, “The government will soon take measures to ensure this”.

Reiterating that the ones involved in violence and arson will not be spared, Nisar, however, said that the bystanders or the ones found not guilty of any offence will be released one-by-one after due scrutiny.

He detailed that miscreants set fire to a fire-tender, damaged a metro station and safe city cameras and railings worth millions of rupees, besides wounding scores of security personnel.

The interior minister vowed that whoever was involved in these acts of violence from Lahore to Attack will be treated according to law.



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