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Govt decides not to arrest Imran, Qadri: sources

According to details, the government decided so in order to abstain from further political instability in the state. The leaders of both the parties had strongly reacted to the decision of their arrest.

Sources told that none of the leaders of the two defiant parties will be arrested. It was further said that the decision was either the strategy of the government or it did not want to refuel the persisting political crisis.

Imran Khan had said that the government is registering fake cases against political opponents and that he would not acquire a bail no matter even if the government throws him into jail.

On the other hand, Tahirul Qadri while reacting to the issuance of his arrest warrant had inquired why not the prime minister and the chief minister of Punjab are being arrested, despite of the registration of murder cases against them.

Moreover, political leaders and senior analysts had also referred to the possible arrest of Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri, as a dangerous move by the government.



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