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Govt orders uniform prayer timings across Islamabad

A meeting of ulema and religious scholars, presided over by the Minister of Religious Affairs Sardar Yousuf, formed a ten-member committee to determine a single time for Azan – Muslim call to prayer made by a muezzin from a mosque – and Namaz – ritual prayers prescribed by Islam to be observed five times a day.

It was also decided that prayers will be offered at a uniform time across the federal capital.

The meeting also decided that the business centers will remain closed during prayer timings, while arrangements will be made at offices for ablution and offering of prayers.

Sources within the Ministry of Religious Affairs told that the government is introducing a system of offering prayers in line with the system in Saudi Arabia.

Talking to ARY News regarding this news, administrator of Jamia Binoria, Mufti Muhammad Naeem praised the government decision for concurrent Azan and offering of Namaz.

MNA Maulana Jamaluddin, however, expressed his concerns over the offering of Namaz immediately after the Azan, yet he welcomed the decision of keeping businesses closed during prayer timings.



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