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Govt decides to expand scope of Karachi Operation to South Africa

It is now established that South Africa has long been providing refuge to those causing unrest in Karachi. The matter was under discussion for past several days and now the government has decided to take up the issue with South Africa.

Former chief of Karachi Police, Shahid Hayat had time and again said the ones worsening law and order in Karachi are sitting back in South Africa and that majority of calls for extortion demanding are also made from there.

A few months ago, notorious criminal Saulat Mirza’s wife had also claimed of receiving threat calls from South Africa.

Sources told that suspects arrested in Karachi have revealed their safe houses in South Africa.

In 2000, Pakistani diplomat Masood Khan had also directed the attention of the UN Security Council to this sensitive issue stating that terrorists and criminals have sanctuaries in South Africa.



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