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Govt forms new security plan to tackle marchers in twin cities

Under the new plan, the law enforcement officers will stop activists at entrance points of the city and not allow them to proceed inside.

The Punjab police have already begun action against activists and supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Awami Tehreek converging in Punjab ahead of the party’s ‘independence march’ in Islamabad on August 14.

Difference caravans of PTI were stopped at the entry points in Punjab who were coming from Sindh. Similar action is being taken against activists of PAT in the province.

Over a dozen workers of PTI has been arrested in Jaranwala so far.

PTI leader Sherin Mazari condemned the arrest of party activists and blasted the government for resorting to lame tactics in thwarting party’s long march.

She said workers would now participate in the long march by running over all the barricades and blockades erected by the Punjab government.



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