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Gov't up for a grand operation against Taliban despite of negotiations: Professor Ibrahim

ISLAMABAD: Member of Taliban negotiations committee, Professor Ibrahim has said that circumstances are worsening due to a deadlock in negotiations process between the Government and Taliban, whereas Taliban leader, Azam Tariq has agreed upon continuing the dialogue in the light of Holy Quran and Sunnah – ARY News reports.

Professor Ibrahim told that military operation is not a solution to the issue and if it is lodged then more blood will be shed. He added that if some people are fond of a military offensive then they should go ahead.

Ibrahim told that neither he is a Talib himself nor their part, Taliban nominated him due to the fact that they could not lead the negotiations themselves.

The member of peace committee told that Taliban leader, Azam Tariq was contacted and he has agreed upon holding talks with the Government, if these are held in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah.

Speaking about Government's team for peace talks, Professor Ibrahim said that it has not got the authority to meet anyone and if the negotiations were continued, then terrorism could be prevented.

He stated that Taliban are not ready for a one-sided ceasefire as the Government demands, they are asking for a truce from both the sides.

Professor Ibrahim told that Taliban seek Government to announce ceasefire, but it seems that the Government of Pakistan is preparing for a grand operation, under the guise of negotiations.



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