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Govt limits number of SIMs for foreigners

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to limit the number of subscriber identification module (SIM) that can be issued to foreigners in Pakistan, ARY News reported.

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After the biometric verification of SIMs for all Pakistanis, the government has now started pondering upon the provision of mobile connections to foreigners and its procedure.

Sources within Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) told that now the outsiders in Pakistan will also have to fulfill legal formalities in order to acquire mobile phone connections.

It was said that after limiting the number of SIMs, foreigners could still have 10 connections as they are authorized to have as many as two connections each from a cellular service provider.

Cellular service providers were asked not to issue more than two SIMsto any foreigner in Pakistan.

Earlier, there was no limit to the number of SIMs for foreign nationals in Pakistan, while the PTA has also set April 14’s deadline for the foreigners to verify their SIM cards.

They can get their SIMs verified by providing the copy of valid visa to the mobile network operators.

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Govt limits number of SIMs for foreigners

by Kashif Imran