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Dr Qaisar Sajjad backs govt’s move to ease coronavirus lockdown

KARACHI: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) General Secretary Dr Qaisar Sajjad on Saturday said that the government has no other option than to ease lockdown in the country, ARY NEWS reported.

Speaking during ARY NEWS programme, Sawal Ye Hai, the PMA general secretary said that they also had to fight with poverty and hunger along with coronavirus in the country.

“A surge in cases have been witnessed as the government decided to ease lockdown in the country,” he said while underlining the challenge government is faced with while tackling hunger in the country.

He said that coronavirus cases in Pakistan have increased with a slow pace as compared to other parts of the globe. “The situation is quite better than our expectations,” he said.

Suggesting measures to avoid virus outspread as lockdown eases, the PMA general secretary said that shopkeepers and visitors should be randomly tested at the markets to avoid the pandemic.

“The masses should also visit the markets while adopting preventive measures,” he said while suggesting people to wear masks and maintain social distancing as they go out.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has warned against softening of lockdown while the number of the coronavirus cases on rise in the country on Saturday.

Addressing a press conference Dr. Ikram said that with softening in lockdown the gates are being opened for the disease as the decision will further spread it.

The doctor said that the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned against any relief in the lockdown and urged for further tightening it. “The violation of the WHO protocol won’t benefit anyone,” doctors said.



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