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Govt made false claims of no plane damaged in Karachi airport attack

KARACHI: After the terrorist attack on Karachi airport late on Sunday night, Government made repeated claims that all the planes and installments remained safe during the night-long battle between terrorists and security forces, yet ARY News brings you the facts of the matter.

Government claimed that none of the aircrafts present at the airport, was damaged during the terrorist attack, while the PM’s aide on Civil Aviation, Shujaat Azeem also affirmed this.

Yet, ground realities are denying all these claims.

For the confirmation of these claims, ARY News’ correspondent reached the Karachi airport earlier today and captured the scenes through the camera, which clearly show bullet marks on some of the planes at the airport.

This was the place up till where the media was given access, how many planes were damaged actually; this is still a secret, which will unfold gradually.



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