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There’s no compromise on corruption in Imran Khan’s rule: Fawad Chaudhry

ISLAMABAD: There are complex issue which will take us a while to address them, said Wednesday the federal science minister Fawad Chaudhry speaking exclusively to ARY News. 

Present in program The Reporters the federal minister said that in the past the bar for politicians was such that people expected them to do little in return of corruption when in power.

With the advent of Imran Khan, he said, there’s no corruption and only delivery.

Separately he said that management of administration and politics is the duty of politicians. “Without right management, we cannot proceed towards political goals.”

Chaudhry said he believed the government must focus on dialogs a 100 per cent as without opposition onboard we cannot function in systems such as that of Pakistan’s.

On the Broadsheet case where NAB was made to pay up a fine, Chaudhry said it was due to NAB’s agreement with the private investigator that Pakistan could learn of the properties and assets of politicians they made via illegal means.

He added that it was his opinion since day one to not allow Nawaz Sharif to leave the country on any grounds.

With him gone, our fundamentals of justice and anti corruption have been shaken, he said.



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