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Govt set to raise drug prices across Pakistan

Prices of the medicines which are going to experience raise include life-saving drugs including medicines of heart diseases, liver, asthma, blood-pressure, inhaler, different injections, syrups and anti-biotic medicines.

The meeting of drug regulatory authority will mull over requests made by local and international pharmaceutical companies.

On the other hand, drug mafia has already raised medicines in Punjab up to 300 percent and did not just stop here but has allegedly made life-saving drugs extinct in the market putting scores of lives at risk and patients in great trouble.

Eight different kinds of life-saving injections and 10 tablets have been made short in the market. The drugs which are short in market include drugs of heart diseases, TB, blood-pressure and allergy. This revelation was made in National Assembly on August 15. ARY possesses a copy of the document.



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