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Govt slaps ban on documentary

The federal government has made its decision to ban the documentary days after slapping a ban on film Maalik.

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‘Among the Believers’ circles around Lal Masjid and its cleric Maulana Abdul Aziz and also tells the stories of the people who stood against the extremist ideology in the country.

Central Board of Film Censors stated that the reason for banning the documentary is because it shows a negative image of the country as Pakistan is already fighting against terrorism and extremism.

The director of the movie said that this  movie ‘Among the Believers’ took him six years to complete. The movie has already been premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. He added that it shows two children acquiring education from Islamabad’s Lal Masjid, which also signifies the ideological divide in the nation.

The movie was scheduled to be screened in Pakistan on April 29th but the organizers did not get the clearance.

‘Among the Believers’ has 12 awards to its credit and screened in 20 countries across the world.



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