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Govt to table NAO Repeal Bill 2017 in Sindh assembly today

KARACHI: Sindh Repeal 2017 bill, replacing the National Accountability Ordinance (NAO) 1999, is due to be tabled in the provincial assembly on Monday (today), ARY News reported.

The proposed bill aims to nullify the NAO 1999, having a title ‘National Accountability Ordinance 1999 Sindh Repeal Bill-2017’.

The Sindh government asserts that it’s the responsibility of the provincial government to take action against corruption and any action undertaken by the federation with regard to anti-corruption will be deemed unconstitutional.

The bill was proposed during the provincial cabinet meeting on Friday chaired by chief minister Murad Ali Shah.

The draft of the proposed bill states that eradicating corruption in the province is the sole responsibility of the provincial government rather than the federal government.

It asserts that any amendment to anti-corruption laws will be undertaken by the provincial assembly and can also repeal legislation by the federation. Also, two different acts of legislation cannot be implemented in the province.

In case of approval, the Sindh government will undertake all cases of corruption within the province, while NAB will transfer all ongoing cases to the provincial courts. The witnesses of the cases will not be summoned again. NAB will also expedite to dismiss appeals against ongoing cases, while further appeals and applications will be dealt under relevant provincial laws.

On Friday, the provincial cabinet was informed that the ordinance was introduced on October 14, 1999 when a state of emergency was imposed. However, a Provisional Constitution Order (PCO) was promulgated and also made applicable on the provinces.

It was subsequently included in the schedule IV of the constitution along with Local Government Ordinance (LGO) 2001 and Police Order 2002 in order to prevent provinces from repealing or amending it.

On the other hand, the opposition parties in the assembly have vowed to oppose the Sindh Repeal Act 2017 as the opposition deems the new bill being proposed for political gains.



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