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Govt-Taliban direct talks likely next week

PESHAWAR: Maulana Yousuf Shah, a member of Taliban negotiating team, has said that the infighting in Taliban factions has nothing to do with the dialogue, ARY News reports on Monday.

Talking to ARY News in Peshawar he said that the meeting with the government's talks committee has been expected today or tomorrow.

He said the second round of direct talks between the government representatives and Tehreek e Taliban Shura has been expected next week.

He further said that the two committees will set the agenda for the government talks with Taliban Shura. In the next round of talks, the release of the prisoners and a permanent ceasefire could be key points of the agenda, he said.

He said the government has released 19 Taliban prisoners as a goodwill gesture and also consented to free 11 more.

He said the Taliban have expressed their ignorance over the release of prisoners, however, they extended the deadline of ceasefire till April 10 after the government's announcement of the release of the prisoners.

Replying a question about infighting in Taliban factions, Yousuf Shah said that the fighting has nothing to do with the dialogue.



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