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ACLC nabs gang behind theft of govt vehicles in Karachi

KARACHI: Police’s Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) on Monday claimed to have arrested at least three suspects in a case pertaining to snatching and theft of government vehicles in Karachi, ARY News reported.

The arrested suspects included driver of a government vehicle named Anwar Brohi, a car-lifting suspect named Ata Mengal and his aide Naseer Zehri.

“A government car stolen in April 2018 from Sachal goth area, we found that the complainant, driver of the vehicle (Anwar Brohi), was himself involved in the theft as he staged the whole theft drama with the help of Ata Mengal and Naseer Zehri so we arrested all three of them,”  SSP ACLC Munir Sheikh told ARY News.

The SSP told ARY News that the car-lifting gang operated from Balochistan and the vehicles snatched were sold in the province for about Rs0.1 to 0.2million.


The accused Ata Mengal, in his confessional statement, told the police that, he snatched or stole at least eight government-owned vehicles in past six years, adding that he finds it easy to snatch such cars as they are without trackers.

He added that in April 2018, he stole a government vehicle bearing number plate GP-5887 from Sachal Goth area with the help of driver Anwar Brohi.

“As police arrested Anwar Brohi, he contacted us and instructed us to return the vehicle upon which we left the car outside a private hotel and fled the area,” said the suspect.

96 govt vehicles stolen

The ACLC in its annual report has claimed that at least 96 govt vehicles were stolen or snatched from different areas of Karachi in last three years with 33 in the year 2018 alone.

The report says that at least two out of 96 were recovered while a gang stealing and selling these cars in Khuzdar has been arrested.



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