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Gran Turismo Sport launches free limited time demo

Gran Turismo Sport, the latest in the racing video game series, will launch on October 17 on PlayStation 4. However, fans can get a head start on the racing journey with a free four-day demo.

Ken Chan, Product Manager, SCEA made the announcement on the official PlayStation blog saying that there is no better way to show their appreciation during the final countdown to the launch of GT Sport.

The free GT Sport four-day demo will be available via PlayStation Store from October 9-12. PS Plus members will be able to pre-load the demo starting from October 7, with access to the game on October 9. Others can download and access the demo from October 9. The demo officially ends October 12.

Players won’t want to miss this limited time demo, as the earned in-game credit (up to $1MM) and personalized garage vehicles are transferable to the full game when it launches October 17.

The GT Sport demo will give fans an in-depth look at some of the new features, geared to define the future of motorsports for all levels of drivers, from first timers to 20 year veterans of the franchise.

Players can drive and tune on their own terms, while the new matchmaking system ensures you’re always racing against others of similar abilities.

At the start of the demo, drivers will have the option to experience a taste of Sport, Campaign, or Arcade mode. New features such as the innovative Scapes Photography mode and Custom Livery Editor are also available for the very first time.

In Sport mode, drivers can prove just how fast they are by putting down their fastest lap time. At the end of each qualifying session, it’s an all-out battle with up to 24 cars against drivers with similar performance abilities ensuring each race is equal, fair, and highly competitive.

Campaign mode gives players the chance to improve their driving skills across numerous challenges, missions, and circuit experiences. Each of these modes play a key role in making every driver better prepared for racing online against others.

As players complete various trial and daily workouts, they will be awarded with numerous vehicle unlocks, in-game currency, and experience points, furthering your driver profile and personal garage.

The True HDR workflow and physics-based rendering tech of Scapes must be experienced firsthand to be truly appreciated. This is not your traditional photo mode as each photo location contains all the light energy information of that scene, enabling to place your personalized car in hundreds of real world locations.

To round out the demo experience, the livery editor allows players to add your own personal touch of customization through numerous logo designs. Players can also change the color of the car, wheels, mirrors, hood, spoiler, and much more.




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