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Great Urdu writer Maulana Azad remembered

Islamabad: Renowned Urdu writer Maulana Muhammad Hussain Azad remembered on hid death anniversary on January 22nd.

He wrote prose as well as poetry but he is mostly remembered for his prose. His contribution and impact is immense to Urdu literature and prose in particular.

He is famous for his masterpiece Aab-e-Hayat. It is regarded as the most frequently printed and most widely read book of Urdu because of its numerous qualities, which make it a constant companion or a book of reference for an ardent Urdu lover.

Azad was born in Delhi in a highly educated persian immigrant family and after his father's death he migrated to Lahore in 1861.

In Lahore he came in contact with Dr. G. W. Leitner who was the principal and founder of Anjuman-e-Punjab. In 1887, he established the Azad Library which earned him praise and the title of "Shams-ul-ulama".

Muhammad Hussain Azad's works include Qisas-ul-hind, Nairang-e-Khiyal, Ab-e-Hayat, Sair-i-Iran, Darbar-e-akbari.

Azad died in Lahore in 1910 at the age of 80.



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