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Grenade explodes in labourer’s hand as policeman forces him to remove its serial number

KARACHI: A hand grenade went off with a huge bang in a labourer’s hand in Karachi when he applied a grinder on it to remove its serial number as a police officer compelled him to do so on Sunday, ARY News reported.

All the fingers of the labourer were blown off in the explosion and he was shifted to a hospital in critical condition.

Sources told ARY News that a police officer, from Shah Latif Town Police Station, reached at his welding shop and asked the labourer to remove the serial number inscribed on a hand grenade. The worker refused to do so and asked the police officer that the bomb would exploded if it would apply grinder on it.

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The police officer forced the labourer to remove the serial number at all costs. The hand grenade exploded in the hand of the laborer when he tried to remove the serial number with a grinder and resultantly all his finger were blown off.

The hand grenade was probably a case property, said the sources.



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