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Bride’s family shaves off groom’s head on repeated demands of dowry

LUCKNOW: Family members of a bride shaved off the head of the groom, his father and brother on Sunday after repeated demands of expensive items in dowry.

The unheard of incident occurred in Kurramnagar area of the city as the marriage was just about to be pronounced.

The bride’s father, a vegetable vendor, said that the demands of the groom were increasing day by day. Reportedly, the bride’s father agreed to give him a motorcycle but when he was given one, he didn’t like it and demanded another.

His demand was nearly accepted but when the groom demanded a gold necklace on the wedding day, this was when reportedly the bride’s family decided that they were not having any more of it.

Their neighbours said that the trio was taken to a nearby park where their heads were shaved off. They were later handed over to the police.

The bride’s grandmother while talking to newspersons said the boy had refused to marry their girl after they failed to meet his dowry demands, but said she had no knowledge of who shaved their heads.



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