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Groom postpones wedding to watch PSL final

LAHORE: As the cricket frenzy continues across the country over the final of the Pakistan Super League to held in Lahore on Sunday, a groom has postponed his wedding to watch the event.

Kashif Ali, a resident of Uch Sharif in district Bhawalpur of Punjab, was supposed to wed on March 5 and had even made all arrangements including having sent invitation cards.

However, after the Pakistan Cricket Board finally decided to host the event in Lahore, Kashif informed his family that he had decided to postpone the event to allow him to watch the match.

His family tried to persuade him saying that all the arrangements have been made but failed to convince him.

Kashif said that cricket is being revived in the country, while the wedding can take place later as well. He said that it will be a missed oppotunity of a lifetime if he does not watch the match.

The die-hard cricket fan has even bought a Rs.12,000 ticket for the match at the Gaddafi Stadium. The new date for his wedding will be decided after the match.




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