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Gulbai fire brought under control after 23 hours

The fire exposed the inefficient and rather dismal abilities of the administrative and fire-fighting departments to handle emergencies and such incidents.

The tyre warehouse was completely burned down to the ground and everything inside turned to ashes as the fire was kept for burning for almost one day.

The factory owners were left teary eyed as they lost their lifetime worth of efforts and earnings in the fire. They said that the damage would have much lesser if the fire brigade had arrived on time and acted promptly on the emergency call.

They said that the fire officials arrived more than two hours late, despite repeated calls to arrive quickly at the site of the incident. The fire brigade blamed the shortage of water in the surrounding areas.

Fire official Javed Hassan said that they had to fetch water from far away areas which caused a delay due to being stuck in heavy traffic. He said that the owners are also responsible in most of these type of cases.

There were only thirteen fire tenders and two bowsers to contain the third-degree fire. There are only two snorkels currently in use out of three for a city with a population of 20 million



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