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Gunmen loot Rs9mn outside company’s gate in Karachi

KARACHI: Three unidentified gunmen looted Rs9mn from the employees of a company situated in the area of Shah Latif Colony, Karachi on Tuesday, ARY News reported.

According to police, the robbers were following the staff of a private company after they received cash from a bank to disburse the salaries of the employees.

The robbers intercepted the staff when they reached the company’s gate, looted cash from them on gunpoint, and fled the scene easily.

The employees were coming back to the company after receiving cash from a bank in Defence, said the police, and added that there were no CCTV cameras installed at the crime scene.

Meanwhile, a search of the robbers underway by the police after recording initial statements of the employees.

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In a separate robbery incident in the metropolis earlier this year, a super-mart was robbed in broad daylight in Paposh Nagar area of the metropolis by armed assailants.

Five robbers made their way to a supermarket of the residency and cleaned out the cash register.

Customers inside the establishment were also deprived of valuable including wallets and mobile phones.



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