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Gunmen storm govt building in Indian-occupied Kashmir: police

“Two to three militants entered the building injuring six CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel in the initial assault,” Javaid Gillani, inspector general of police for the region, told AFP.

Gillani added that no one was being held inside the building against their will.

Witnesses said three militants entered the complex which houses the government-run Entrepreneurship Development Institute, asking everyone inside to “save themselves” and move to a nearby hostel.

“They (gunmen) barged into the reception area as CRPF soldiers were firing towards them. They asked everyone to save themselves and go to the next building,” a witness who worked at the institute said, asking to remain anonymous.

Part of Jammu and Kashmir has been occupied by India since the partition in 1947.

Since 1989 Kashmiris have been fighting Indian soldiers deployed in the territory, demanding either independence or a merger of the region with Pakistan.

Tens of thousands, mostly civilians, have died, due to atrocities by Indian army in the occupied territory.



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