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This gymnast shows there is still good in the world.

Peshawar: Muhammad Gul, a gymnast expert who wants to protect children from the prevalent drug addiction in society.

Hopeful for their bright future, Gul teaches poor children gymnastics on Main GT Road, Peshawar.

“We are doing this so that these children don’t turn into addicts. This is why I teach them for free. They don’t go into complexes because these are poor people, over there they take a lot of money. 2000 for admission, 1500 monthly fee. Where will the poor get so much money from? The difference is that when they came to us, they didn’t even go to school now they all go to school, come here on time, and respect everybody. We request the government to give us some support.”

Gul’s students are delighted with the initiative saying that it has helped them a lot.

“I was in the locality first, used to smoke a lot and do drugs, when I came to my teacher I left all addictions and gave attention to gymnastics. We have only these two foams and a spring board. There are a lot of things for gymnastics but we don’t have them. This is the only from the government. Our teacher doesn’t take fees from us and drops us in his motorcycle at our home, all these kids. He bears the petrol expenses himself. We request the government to give us some support.”

While there is much that is wrong in the world today, there are many things that are right and good –Thomas S. Monson



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