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Had institutions worked, PTI would not have protested: Imran

“Peaceful protest is beauty of democracy. Those institutions, that should have acted against corruption, did not do anything,” he said while addressing a press briefing at Bani Gala.

He said PTI had entered second phase of the accountability movement that started from Peshawar.

“It has been five days and we are being blackmailed, threatened and attempts being made to buy our people to shut our mouths rather than answering the questions raised,” he said.

He said Sharif brothers had been in the federal government for years and for decades in the Punjab. Why did they not take action against anyone? Why blackmail now?

He vowed that the movement was not going to stop until a decisive end.

“This movement will not stop now. Let no body have any doubt about that. We are not endangering democracy, they are by not answering,” he said.

Referring towards the ruling party’s allegations against him regarding misappropriation of charity funds, the PTI chief said the government’s job is not to put allegations but to put the alleged in jails.

He also thanked Pakistan Peoples Party for supporting him.

Imran said the movement will be led to Lahore later and next course of action would be announced tonight.

I will lead our Tehreek-i-Ehtesab rally from Liaquat Bagh, Pindi tomorrow 3 pm, ending at Faisal Chowk, Islmbd 10 pm pic.twitter.com/cKQhpvoM8K



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