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Two kilograms of hair removed from woman’s stomach  

In an unbelievable incident, doctors removed hair weighing around two kilograms from a woman’s stomach in Saudi Arabia.

According to the details, the woman in her 20s went to the doctor at the King Abdul Aziz Hospital with intensive pain in her stomach. She underwent various medical tests at the hospital during which the doctors saw a strange object recoiling inside her abdomen forming a strangling wall of the intestines.

A spokesperson of the hospital said, “The medical team decided on an urgent intervention to reach the strange object, which was found out to be a formation of interlocked hair weighing two kilograms.”

“The mass was forming around the wall of the intestines inside the abdominal cavity and was increasingly growing in a medical rarity.”

After hours’ long surgery, the surgeons removed the hair from her stomach, bringing long-elusive rest to the woman who is still under medical observation at the hospital, Gulf News reported.



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