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Chairman ARY Haji Mohammad Iqbal inaugurates 'ARY Sahulat Wallet' scheme

LONDON: Chairman of ARY Network, Haji Mohammad Iqbal on Saturday inaugurated ‘ARY Sahulat Wallet’ Scheme in a boutique located at Green Street, East London.

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Famous anchor of ARY News Fawad Chaudhry was also present in the inaugural ceremony of ARY Sahulat Wallet.

ARY Sahulat Wallet is not a cheque guarantee, credit or charge card. Member can add any amount at any time, up to a maximum value of PKR 50000 to his/her ARY Sahulat Wallet.

When one uses ARY Sahulat Wallet, the amount of purchase will be deducted from the balance on the ARY Sahulat Wallet.

Member may use ARY Sahulat Wallet to make purchases on the

In order to get registered, log on to Register.

How it works?

Make a purchase at sahulat bazaar and/or through our business alliances.

Following the purchase, member will receive a text or email confirming whether he/she has gained a ‘Value Back’ equivalent in gold or product value.

Value Back can be from 2 percent up to 100 percent of product value of the purchase which shall exclude all taxes and other charges included in the product price.

If Value Back is in the form of gold, your ARY Sahulat Wallet account will reflect a gold credit.

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Chairman ARY Haji Mohammad Iqbal inaugurates 'ARY Sahulat Wallet' scheme

by Zohaib Kazmi