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Half of ‘Inqilab march’ target achieved, claims Dr. Qadri

“Fifty to sixty percent target of the Inqilab march has been achieved as murder case has been registered against the PM, federal ministers and other officials concerned over killing of protesters in Islamabad,” he said.

In his address to supporters in second appearance in the day, Dr. Qadri said none of the opposition leaders spared government from criticism. Though no opposition parliamentarian supported the march, but they indirectly backed our demands, he claimed.

He challenged the government to call their supporters to another location in a similar manner like those staging sit-in in Islamabad and show their public strength. I vow to call off my protest if government succeeds in keeping its crowd for just seven days at any spot, he demanded.

Responding to prime minister’s statement that how could he resign on demands of 5,000 people, the PAT chief said thousands of people representing millions of Pakistanis were sitting in Islamabad for over a month that showed their determination.

“As South Korean prime minister resigned on April 16, 2014 due to ferry incident that sank and claimed lives of dozens of people. The South Korean PM had no link with the tragedy but he resigned on moral grounds. Nawaz Sharif should follow suit and step down the same way of the ex-south Korean premier”, he demanded.

He went on to say that around 18 to 19 days ago, a Libyan PM resigned to end political crisis in their country. His resignation came after a few thousand people took to the streets against misgovernance, he explained.



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