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Hamid Mir issues his first statement after attack, points out ISI indirectly

KARACHI: Senior journalist, Hamid Mir has given his first statement after the assassination attempt on him, mentioning that he was facing threats from non-state as well as state elements – ARY News reports.

Hamid Mir in his statement did not mention ISI or its Chief, directly, however he mentioned that some personnel of the intelligence agency visited his home and informed him about their reservations, about his program on Mama Qadeer Baloch, who marched towards Islamabad for the sake of the recovery of missing Baloch people.

Mir said that the agency was annoyed with him for giving coverage to Mama Qadeer, in his program. With this, the injured journalist affiliated with Geo News, however pointed out the prime intelligence agency.

Hamid Mir further stated that he informed the Islamabad Police, about the threats issued by some members of the state institutions and provided their contact numbers, but the capital police expressed its inability to inquire those figures.

The injured journalist affirmed that he had informed his family, friends, management of Geo News and other closed ones about the threats received.

It should also be noticed here that after airing controversial news for almost 8 hours, referring ISI and DG ISI, Lieutenant General Zaheer ul Islam as to be involved in the attack on Hamid Mir, Geo News had to face strong reaction from political and social circles.

Following this scenario, the Geo News management turned from its stance, saying that no allegations were leveled on ISI or DG ISI, and the news aired was only about the statement of the brother of Hamid Mir, Amir Mir.

But, with this statement now, all the claims by Geo News have once again been proven to be false, as the prime intelligence agency has once again been questioned, though indirectly this time.

This is the first statement issued by Hamid Mir, after the assassination attempt on him, which was read out by his brother.



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