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Hamza Ali Abbasi soars the skies with Bilal Lashari

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Bilal Lashari are avowed friends and they make no effort to hide that fact. The Waar  are regularly feature in pictures, whether it be at Imran Khan’s famous dharna or any other place. Most recently, Hamza Ali Abbasi posted a video from his Facebook account in which the two are aboard a microlight aircraft. Hamza is the pilot and Bilal is the ‘nervous’ passenger!

Hamza Ali Abbasi can be clearly seen flying the ultralight aircraft two thousand feet above the air. While the Pyarey Afzal actor seems to be smiling and pretty relaxed so high up in the sky, we do catch glimpses of Bilal Lashari’s nervousness in the passenger seat.

Hamza seems to be getting into trouble every now and then for his bold Facebook statuses but it seems like there’s no putting an end to the actor’s daredevil antics.



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