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PML-N will elect new PM, complete their tenure, says Hamza Ali Abbasi

Commenting on the land mark Panama case judgement, Renowned actor and model Hamza Ali Abbasi on Friday said that though Nawaz Sharif has fallen but system and democracy have prevailed.

In a Facebook post, Hamza Ali Abbasi asked the PML-N supporters as to where do they see a ‘conspiracy’ against the system and democracy in the verdict as the party can now elect a new PM and complete its tenure.

“Now that Nawaz Sharif will be busy in NAB (National Accountability Bureau) trial court, PML-N (Pakistan Muslim League-N) will InshaAllah soon elect a new PM and complete their tenure. System and democracy has prevailed. So my fellow Pakistanis, who are N league supporters, where is the SAAZISH (conspiracy) against democracy and system?” read the actor’s post.

The Supreme Court has disqualified PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif in a verdict in Panama Leaks case against the Sharif family today.

Hamza, who is seen as a PTI supporter, also expressed gratitude for the achievement he attributed to Imran and said he was thankful to Allah (SWT) for knowing him who stood up for truth and did not back down on his principles.

“This is a message of gratitude on a personal level, please don’t make it into a PTI vs PML N party politics thing. I am thankful to Allah that i got to know this man and learned from him.

“I have witnessed the change within him over the years. I saw a living breathing example of how one man can bring a seemingly impossible change when he stands up for Truth and doesn’t back down, I learned from a living example of how its never too late to repent, turn to Allah, let go of all your fears and bow down only to the Almighty,” he wrote on his social media account.

He said Imran made him believe in the system and struggle for truth and justice.

“I learned from this living breathing example that standing on truth and principles are not just “Kitaabi Batein”. I am thankful and privileged to know this man who has made me believe in our system again and has made me realise that we have no choice but to struggle for truth and justice and be content on Allah’s will and ALLAH’s will reigns Supreme,” said the actor.






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