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Hamza Ali Abbasi slams ‘colonial slaves’ mocking Sarfraz’s English skills

After an amazing win against Sri Lanka in the “virtual quarter-final” of Champions Trophy, Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed was praised for his strong performance alongside his partner Mohammad Amir.

However, right after the match, the latest hero of Pakistan became a target of the trolls on social media for something absolutely senseless.

While making his way to the press conference Sarfaraz had no idea that the camera was recording and he ended up saying “Saray English Ke Hai”, while he seemed concerned about the question being asked in English. He asked it twice before the press conference started.

Here is the 14-second long clip went viral on the internet.

Hamza Ali Abbasi soon took to social media to record a message for the people making Sarfaraz the butt of all jokes only because of his English speaking skills.

“I am disheartened to see the reaction from some people, on how he was ridiculed for not speaking a language that is not his mother tongue. It is about time we get rid of our colonial slave mentality. He is there to play cricket, not to teach them English.” He said in the video.

“The team is there to excel at their game, not to learn how to speak fluent English. So, if you want to criticize on something, criticize on their cricketing skills,” he went on.

“Chinese, Russians, Japanese, French do not speak English and they are ruling over the entire world. Therefore, the colonial mindset that we have and the inferiority complex that we suffer from is beyond me and indeed very tragic,” he continued.

“If there’s someone who can deliver this message to Sarfraz or the team, please convey that you should never be embarrassed about not being able to speak a language that is not your mother tongue. The decent way to go about it is that you can always get a translator,” he added.

He stressed on the fact that a cricketer should be able to excel at his game, not at a language.

While Sarfaraz Ahmed’s efforts have been commendable, it did not take long for those who appreciated his efforts to take a laugh when the same hero became a tad-bit nervous.

We seriously need to ask ourselves, are real heroes actually going to be determined because of how well they speak a foreign language?

Why did it take a 14-second clip to bring down a sportsman who just took the team to the Semi-Finals?

However, while there were people mocking him for something so insignificant there were people out there supporting him even from across the border.



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