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Handbag stolen in 2004 handed over to police after 16 years

Police in New South Wales, Australia, were taken aback when they were handed over a handbag reported stolen 16 years back.

It was discovered in the car park of a fashion boutique, Assef, in rural New South Wales by some construction worker in the area. After linking the identifying features of the bag, the police believed that the bag was reported stolen 16 years ago.

The handbag was stolen from the back of a car parked near the Herber and Auburn Street intersection in July 2004. Some contents of the bag were recovered near the Moree railway station a few days after the robbery.

However, the bag and the rest of its contents were found in the boutique’s car park after 16 years.

A police officer, Martin Burke said the incidents shows why it is important that people should report lost and stolen items.

“The moral of the story is that it’s important to report this stuff, lost or stolen because there’s a greater opportunity to link it up with you if they’re found later,” a local news outlet quoted him as saying.

He added: “There were enough identifying features of this handbag that we have been able to confidently link it to the bag that was stolen in 2004. It shows that if you report things, there is an opportunity down the track to be reunited with those items.”

The cops are trying to reach and contact the owner of the handbag.



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