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Hang on! Your car can be flared-up!

Travelling in a car is a part of daily routine of many a people and usually they are unaware of some precautions that should be kept in mind while traveling in a car, one such minor precaution can flare up your entire car if neglected.

Every car has a cooling system based on a radiator inside it, which is necessary to be filled by water or coolant gel. Basic purpose of a radiator in the car is to control heat generated by thermo genesis while running and to insure that temperature remains normal. Checking water level in the radiator is mandatory before driving and if you forget to do it then be sure that a grave problem is waiting for you on the street, which can be as serious as it happened with a man at a bridge near the CM House, Karachi.

Reporting team of ARY News (web desk) witnessed the incident when they were travelling back to their office after getting done with an assignment. A fire tender was busy putting out fire that engulfed the ill-fated car.

When asked, the owner of the car told ARY News that he was driving as per usual routine when he suddenly observed that heavy smoke started to rise from the bonnet of his car. He stopped the car as it entered into the ramp of the bridge and tried to open the bonnet but all in vain.

In a few moments, the engine room of the car caught fire, with distress at its peak, the owner called the fire brigade help line but no tender reached out to the site for almost 2 hours and by then his car was burnt completely.

Bumper-to-bumper traffic or negligence, whatever the reason of delay in reaching the site might be for the fire-tender, the incident occurred primarily due to the carelessness of the owner himself.

So, be vigilant prior to heading out in your car and do take all the necessary measures advised by the manufacturer, whether you are getting late for something that greatly means to you, for nothing is more precious than life.    



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