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Happy B’day Sir Syed Ahmed Khan: Five reasons He can’t be forgotten

An ardent Muslim reformer, an educationalist and great visionary words can never be enough when it comes to write about immense personality like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. He was the eye that weeps on the sufferings of Muslim and to end that He took an oath to educate, reform and empower the Muslim of Sub-continent. Today is the birthday of this great personality, He was born on October 17th 1817, in Dehli. Happy Birthday Sir!

  1. He was the first man who felt the need of fresh Islamic orientation for the Muslims of sub-continent and He worked hard for it. He put all his efforts and emphasis on Muslims to learn modern education. He began establishing schools, at Muradabad in 1858, Ghazipur in 1863 and his marvelous achievement was the establishment of MAO (Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental) High School in Aligarh. MAO later became Aligarh university the power house of Muslim students.
  2. He was knighted for the services to British Empire in 1888 and was bestowed with the title of Jawa’d-ul-Daula and Arif-e-Jang by Bahadur Shah Zafar II.
  3. His contribution to writing can never be ignored. He wrote an archaeological masterpiece “A’thar as Sandeed” on historical monuments of Muslim rulers in Delhi. He was just 23 when he started writing. The Aligarh Institute Gazette and Tehzib-ul-Akhlaq and his commentary on bible are few of his significant works.
  4. He wrote Asbab-e-Baghawat-e-Hind (The causes of Indian Revolt) which was published in 1859 on the revolt of 1957 which is also known as the first war of independence. In this pamphlet he discussed the aristocracy done by British which he witnessed during the revolt.
  5. He said Muslim of sub-continent should hold Holy Quran in one hand and Science on the other. He clearly supported modernity and science in all of his writings and tried to make a bridge between religion and science.



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