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Happy Birthday Picasso

Pablo Picasso the most popular name in modern art was born today on 25 October in 1881. He is a fantastic painter, sculptor, poet, playwright, stage designer and what not.  This man is one of the most influential artists of 20th century and a person who introduced cubism and modern approach in painting. Cubism that means there is no one or two but different dimensions to understand art. He was born in Spain and spent his adulthood in France.

There is no well known person of history who was not criticized in his own era. Picasso also faced a lot criticism in his initial days. His highly acclaimed career spanned over a seven decades period. During this time he demonstrated some extra ordinary artistic talent. His work was extremely prolific.He experimented new ideas, techniques and theories with time and brought changes in his painting. His work is categorized as periods and the name of his most famous periods are Blue Period, Rose Period, Analytic Cubism, African Influenced Period and Synthetic Cubism.

This great painter witnessed both the world wars and even painted anti-war paintings to support peace. Pablo Picasso died on 8th April 1973.



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