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Happy Birthday to the first president of AIML

Sir Sultan Muhammed Shah commonly known as Aga Khan III is one of the founding father and first president of All India Muslim League. Sir Aga Khan III was also a spiritual leader and the 48th Imam of Nizari Ismaili community.  The great spiritual and political leader of Muslim history was born today on 2nd November 1877.

At the early age of eight Sir Aga Khan III succeeded his father as the Imam of Ismaili community. He travelled across the world to receive homage of his followers. In 1906 when Muslim league was formed he became the first president of the league. He shared the same ideology of Sir Syed that Muslims should involve themselves in educational activities and build a new rapport in the society. His goal was the advancement of Muslim policy and protection of Muslims and he followed this goal even after resigning as the president of AIML.

Sir Aga Khan III has so many feathers of achievements in his hat. He was honored with the title of Knight Commander of the Indian Empire thrice, first by Queen Victoria then by Edward VII and then by George V.

His philanthropy and public services were recognized and praised by many nation states and he received applauds from German Emperor, Sultan of Turkey and Shah of Persia.  He represented India in the League of Nations and also served as the president of League of Nations in 1937-1938.



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