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Haq Nawaz at 7 foot 9 inches claims to be world’s tallest man.

Faislabad: Haq Nawaz from Bahawalpur, claims to be the World’s Tallest Man at the age of 29. Nawaz is 7 foot 9 inches tall. 

Always seen sporting a Quaid’s hat, speaking to ARY News, Haq Nawaz told us: “14 years back I found out that my height is growing drastically. In the start I used to be happy about my height but after a few years I realized the problem is something else.”

His happiness started to fade away as his problems grew, “As my height increased, so did my problems, transport being one of them. Rickshaws, buses they all charge an extra amount to take me anywhere. Initially, they would push me away saying there is no space then give me a seat with a lot of difficulty at the back corner of the bus. All my clothes, shoes have to be custom made. It takes 14 meters of cloth to make one dress of mine, I don’t find slippers my size either.”

Not only this, Nawaz also suffers from malnutrition saying, “I can eat 8-10 chappatis a day and drink 5 kilos milk too but I don’t have that much money to take care of my diet. My biggest problem is my diet. As my height increases, my diet should increase to but I don’t have the means to fulfill that. The bones of my entire body have twisted.”

Being Pakistan’s identity, this Youngest Tallest Man awaits government’s support to help with his ordeals.



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