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Haqqani commander among dead in US drone strike

Officials and a militant source said four foreigners and an important commander from the ruthless Haqqani network, which is blamed for numerous bloody attacks in Afghanistan, were among those killed.

“At least seven militants were killed in the drone strike,” an intelligence official based in Wana told AFP, adding that the dead included four foreigners and a top Haqqani commander.

“Abdullah Haqqani (the commander) was responsible for sending suicide bombers to Afghanistan,” the official said.

Another official in the neighbouring garrison town of Bannu confirmed the death toll and killing of the commander.

A source in a militant group said that a vehicle loaded with arms and ammunition was also destroyed in the attack.

since 2004, saying they violate its sovereignty and are counterproductive in the fight against terror.

But most analysts believe the resumption of the drone programme after it was suspended at the start of the year — reportedly to give Pakistan space for negotiations with the Taliban — is evidence of collusion between the two countries. -AFP



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