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Harrison Ford regaining health after plane crash

Harrison Ford fans can take a sigh of relief. It seems our versatile Hollywood actor will make it, after his dangerous air crash.

The 72 year old star crashed onto a California golf course in his World War II vintage aircraft, after his flying episode turned awry. The Firewall and Indiana Jones star is doing fine as far as warding off serious injuries are concerned and is making a comeback from the dangerous accident. Pictures of the ace actor’s plane being decimated emerged and prompted fans as well as the Hollywood fraternity to be concerned. Photos of firefighters treating Ford and strapping him onto a stretcher also emerged which showed the painful condition he was in. Reportedly, he had suffered a broken ankle and a broken pelvis from the ill fated crash.

Harrison Ford being handled by firemen after his life threatening air crash.

The actor legend has been recuperating in a Los Angeles hospital where he is being visited by fellow Hollywood celebrities, with his family being by his side. Harrison’s wife, actress Calista Flockhart was also at his bedside for most of the day before she went away from the hospital to take rest. Harrison Ford’s son had earlier tweeted his father was doing fine and pulling through from the dangerous crash, by tweeting on 5th March,


This isn’t the first time Harrison Ford’s flying experience has turned sour. He had earlier been involved in another air crash when the helicopter he was in crashed in Ventura County. In his movie Six Days Seven Nights, Harrison had crashed onto an island and become stranded with a female. The movie ended with Ford making his escape from the island by flying the plane himself.

We certainly hope Harrison pulls through without sustaining any serious injuries and abandons his flying adventures, for his own sake!



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