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Health benefits of water

It is important that you keep regulating your water intake at regular intervals by consuming food that contains fluid like juices and drinking plenty water. Just to state the importance of water, here are a few points that point out the health benefits of water:-

1. Water protects your joints, spinal cord and tissues.
Water helps to provide lubrication for your spinal cord hence preventing it from injury. Water intake also acts as a cushion and safety for your joints. Your body tissues remain hydrated and in turn the blood, brain and other vital organs are able to perform their functions when proper water intake is obtained.

2. Water and waste removal
Water helps you to extradite and remove waste from your body. Through sweating, urination and defecation, waste is removed from your body. The kidneys, together with the liver, help in flushing out waste from your body. When it comes to defecation, water softens your stool so that it is easily passed by the intestines.

3. Dehydration and water
Water causes you not to become dehydrated, which is a must. Dehydration occurs when you exercise vigorously, sweat too much in a heated climate or lose water due to fever or sickness. Water also prevents infections such as bladder infections and prevents urinary tract stones.

4. Digestion
Water helps immensely in the digestion of food. It all starts with the action of saliva breaking down food. Water also helps in the digestion of soluble fiber.

5. Better skin
Yes, it’s true! Proper amount of water intake keeps your skin away from diseases and makes it fresh. The nuisance of a haggard and rough skin affects you only when you stop drinking water in the proper amounts.

So, in order to keep regulating your body temperature, for your kidneys, liver, brain, tissues and bones to work at their optimum capacity, drink water plenty.



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