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Heartbreaking: Touching conversation between son and father about Paris attacks

Last Friday, when more than half a dozen IS gunmen stormed Paris and killed as many as 160 people in the city, tragedy struck France. This was the second-most deadliest attack to hit the country ever since the second World War.

A French TV  show Le Petit Journal interviewed a small boy to get his thoughts of the incident. What followed was a moving conversation between the father and the son. When asked as to why people carry out such attacks, this is what the boy said:-

“Cause they’re bad, bad guys. And they’re very very mean.Bad guys are not very nice. And we have to be very careful because we have to switch houses.”

At this the father interjects and tells his son that “Don’t worry, we don’t have to move out. France is home”.

One day after the attack, militant group Islamic State claimed responsibility for the violence and blamed it on France’s policy to the militant group’s hideouts in Syria. Ever since the attack took place, global leaders have voiced their support for the French people and called for more action against the Islamic State.



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