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WATCH: Dacoit tries to flee on foot after bike malfunction during rain in Karachi

A video of failed robbery attempt is doing rounds on social media after heavy rainfall in Karachi. 

The viral video shows a robber who, after looting someone in Sharifabad area of Liaquatabad town, is trying to start his motorbike in order to flee. Failing to do so due to some fault in his bike, the man tries to flee on foot.

According to SHO Sharifabad police station, police soon reached the spot but the robber had fled by then, the motorbike in possession of criminal too was snatched from within the precincts of Supermarket police station.

The residents of the area and passersby are being seen shouting over him but the dacoit is threatening them to shoot if they come near him. Due to the water standing on Karachi roads, the man falls then stands up and sits on a foot path.

Karachi is witnessing heavy rainfall since Wednesday and is suffering from traffic jams in almost every part of it as the roads remained submerged by rainwater.


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