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‘Heist’ caught on Google maps turns out to be pranksters holding glue gun

A ‘heist’ appears to have been caught in action on Google Maps – but on closer inspection is one prankster immortalised ‘holding up’ another with a glue gun.

The unusual scene was caught in the city of Roosendaal in the Netherlands. More recently, netizens were baffled by some ‘glowing houses’ on the application, prompting many to come up with bizarre alien theories.

A photo on Google Maps, that showed a man in a black dress holding a gun to another leaning against a vehicle, sparked a debate and raised questions on gun violence.

But the so-called ‘heist’ on Google Maps has turned out to be a prank that was pulled by two friends with a glue gun.

Darren Honeyman and his colleague Dave Hutchinson were at work in Darlington when they decided to create the scene after spotting a Google van in a nearby street. The photo, which has now gone viral, shows Darren holding what appears to be a gun to Dave’s head.

At first glance and from a distance, the photo appears to be a daytime robbery attempt.

However, if you zoom into the picture, you will notice that Darren is actually holding a glue gun to his colleague. After the photo was shared on Facebook, it quickly garnered thousands of likes and comments.

“We happened to just be at work and we pulled around the corner and saw the Google Earth van come around and I said ‘for once, we’ll have a pose that we set’,” said Darren

“The nearest thing that we had was the glue gun and ourselves so we jumped out and did the pose just for a bit of fun,” he added.



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