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Helmets rule is good & much-needed for Karachi – but leads to cases of ‘muk muka’


However, it appears to have led to many cases where traffic policemen ended up harassing motorcyclists on the pretext that they were not wearing a helmet and ended up taking bribes from them to let them off.

20150609_131132 (1)
Traffic police in Karachi in ‘talks’ with several motorcyclists, all of whom were stopped because they were not wearing helmets. This is taking place a stone’s throw from the official residence of the Sindh governor.


Helmets campaign begins

Earlier on June 8, DIG traffic Ameer Sheikh  said that it will be compulsory for those traveling on motorbikes to wear safety helmets. The safety measure also extends to female passengers who will be riding as passengers. Those who violate this regulation will have to pay a fine, he said.

According to traffic police personnel, it is compulsory for those riding motorbikes to wear helmets and also for those riding behind as passengers, whether it be a male or female. Failure to comply with these safety procedures can result in a fine of Rs.150-300 along with legal action, from June 9.

It must be borne in mind that this safety regulation was supposed to be implemented from June 1 but a relaxation was given till June 9 so that people could purchase helmets.




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